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How to buy a car?

Initially, the car buying process takes place by paying a deposit of 150 riyals, this down payment is deducted from the total car price and refundable in case that the purchase is not completed, on the condition that the car reservation is not confirmed.

How to pay for the car?
Is your site verified by the Ministry of Commerce?
What are the steps for buying a car?
What are the payment methods available?
What documents are required to purchase a car?
registration procedure
Shipment procedures
How do I pick up my car?
Is my purchase car guaranteed?
What are the available colors for the cars?
What is Roadside Assistance?
Can I extend the Roadside Assistance service?
Can I extend the warranty for used cars?
Is the mileage for used cars real?
What is the guarantee for the user car refund?
What are the conditions for refunding the used cars?
Do you have car insurance?
Are the cars from Syarah Online or from the showrooms?
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